Our Philosophy of Care underpins everything that we do for you, it is more than just a framework of values and goals which we have identified, it is a commitment to you, which every member of our team has pledged to make their personal responsibility, to ensure you have the best possible experience during your stay.

  • Well-being

    We are committed to ensuring your health and well-being are our first priority.

  • Ethical

    We have an uncompromising and consistent commitment to honour our integrity and moral, professional, spiritual and artistic values and principles.


  • Compassion

    We focus on the needs of individuals and channel the emotion generated by their predicament into active responses.


  • Accountability

    We take responsibility for our actions.

  • Respect

    We treat everyone we encounter with dignity and sensitivity, valuing each individual's diversity.

  • Excellence

    We lead by example. Our staff are expertly trained and are recognised at all levels for the highest standards of professionalism, service and quality of care provided.